Frequently Asked Questions About naiko

Most frequent questions and answers about our company.

Are you the manufacturer of the original Naiko Nitro Dispenser?

Yes, we are the manufacturer of the original Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Dispenser. Naiko is a team of coffee lovers, engineers and inventors who are passionate about creating the best nitro coffee machines, equipment and also innovating with new ways in the production of coffee. Naiko is proud to be recognized as pioneers in our field. We love what we do because it means that you can enjoy your favorite nitro cold brew with just one push of a button!

Is your dispenser made in Germay?

Yes. Naiko Nitrogen Systems is the leading manufacturer of high-quality, German made coffee machines. We use only the best materials and technology to ensure that your business succeeds in using our products. Our production facility is in Munich in Germany and all machines are hand-made and well tested before they leave our company. We promise the best technology and best workmanship possible to guarantee your success in using our products.

You can be sure that every single one of our machines will give you years of trouble free service so you don’t have to worry about any downtime or malfunctions when it matters most! With over 20 years manufacturing experience, we know how important it is for a machine to be reliable so we make sure each model has been thoroughly tested before being released onto the market! That means no more worrying about whether or not your equipment will hold up when it counts most! You can focus on growing your business instead of fixing broken machinery with Naiko today!

IS Naiko globally available?

Our products are used by people all around the world. Whether it’s for small café shop owners or big players, we provide innovative solutions that help you create coffee faster, easier, and more efficiently. We have distributors in many countries worldwide who can answer any questions about our product line. If you would like to become a distributor of Naiko products please contact us directly!


Tell me more about your company?

Naiko Nitrogen System is part of the global manufacturing and technology company Martd GmbH based in Munich, Germany. We are a fully family owned manufacturing business with worldwide expertise in various niche markets. We owe our top achievements in performance and product quality to the engagement and experiences of our long-term colleagues working on the engineering, inside the production and at our assembly lines in Germany to stay on top as the undisputed market leader. Decades of experience coming together in our company and we are always staying motivated and inspired for new innovations and shaping the trends for tomorrow.


Does Naiko also produce for other brands?

We also manufacture for other brands globally and with our production capacity we are able to do that. We want to grow the NAIKO brand and our cold brew coffee concentrate and can do this much better in corporation with other companies in the coffee industry. We also supply parts from our Naiko Nitro Dispenser to other equipment manufacturers.

Tell me about your environmental goals?

One of the first steps in our engineering and development process is the question about sustainability and environment friendly aspects. We have been the first company in the market worldwide using an ecological friendly refrigerant in our dispenser and have been working hard to implement. Our assembly line is one level above our manufacturing line of CNC machines, lasers and bending machines. We just use a fork lift to get the parts to the assembly line. If other components are needed, our purchasing guideline set a limit of 50 km (31 miles). For shipments CO2 emissions are neutralized by investing in recognized carbon protection projects such as biomass, landfill and wind farms. And also our Naiko Nitro Dispenser itself will safe you a lot of ressources for logistic and transportation for nitrogen. With the infinite use of ambient air and atmospheric nitrogen, there is no need for an external nitrogen source anymore.