Naiko Nitrogen Cold Brew Coffee Dispenser


Discover the next generation of Coffee Serving. The NAIKO dispenser meets the most modern demand of the global coffee specialty industry with a perfect synergy from proven first-class technology and forward-looking demands of customers. The NAIKO Dispenser with its integrated high-precision injection module features a groundbreaking real-time injection of nitrogen for dispensing beverages, like Nitro Cold Brew Coffee, Nitro Tea, Nitro Cocktails or milk drinks like Matcha Latte.

Thanks to the high-performance dry cooler, the dispenser can easily handle a high daily load. Infinite Nitrogen supply from ambient air and an integrated cooling system makes our NAIKO Dispenser the most advanced premium Nitrogen Dispenser on the market, which amazes with fast and accurate injection and cooling for high capacity serving without compromising the consistency and taste and without the need of separate nitrogen supply and installation. Patented jet-nozzle technology serves perfectly creamy Nitro Cold Brew Coffee. The elegant and minimalistic body made of first-class components and coatings in trendy color design impress with their high-quality look and feel. NAIKO is the perfect choice for coffee shops and restaurants. The design, construction, and technology of Naiko are all out of Germany. The Naiko dispenser has a simple minimalistic design and requires very little counter space. The Plug & Play feature makes it easy to operate with minimum fuss.

Technical Highlights

Injection of atmospheric nitrogen / invinite supply through ambient air

No external nitrogen supply needed / no transport of nitrogen gas cylinders

Integrated cooling system (2°C / 35 °F) with environmental friendly coolant R290 (Propane)

Innovative jet-nozzle technology for creamy, velvety and smooth beverages

Any beverage supply possible through 5/16″ tube (like keg or tank)

Available models

Voltage // frequencies // phases:

100 V // 50 Hz // 1~

100 V // 60 Hz // 1~

110 – 127 V // 60 Hz // 1~

220 – 240 V // 50 Hz // 1~

220 – 240 V // 60 Hz // 1~


black / white

Technical Data

  • Width 24 cm x Height 34 cm x Depth 50 cm
  • Weight: 20 kg
  • Cooler: Dry cooler
  • Refrigerant: R290
  • Cooling power: 1/8 hp (250 Kcal/h)
  • Nitro gas: atmospheric nitrogen
  • Flowrate: 1,0 l/min
  • Target temperature: 2°C (35 °F)

Installation Requirements

  • Electric socket
  • Space required for setting up the machine: Width 24 cm x Length 50 cm
  • Tabletop requirements: Minimum load capacity of 25 kgs with the surface being smooth
  • Beverage line: 5/16 inch (included)

Scope of delivery

1 x Naiko Nitro Dispenser (Plug&Play)

1 x drip tray (15 cm x 19 cm) with stainless steel plate

1 x 5-liter container

1 x 5/16″ beverage tube (length: 2 m)

2 x cleaning packets (á 45 g)

1 x instruction manual

1 x power cord (length: 2 m, plug according to country of delivery)

Advantages Naiko Dispenser

Simple and reliable construction
· No auxiliary media (nitrogen) required / just electricity
· Simple modulare set-up
· Compact system with low space requirements
· Easy to set-up and start
· Durable design guarantees long working life even in extreme conditions

Economic solution
· No installation costs
· Short installation time (Plug&Play)
· Low operational costs
· Low maintenance requirements (just regular cleaining)

Flexible Application
· Modular design allows easy expansion
· Flexible integration
· Easy to adjust nitrogen injection
· Easy to adjust temperature

Improving safety
· No risks associated with handling gas cylinders

Environmental friendly benefits
· Use of ambient air through compression and filtration unit
· No need for external nitrogen supply and transport of gas cylinders
· Use of environmental friendly refrigerant R290 (Propane)
· No additional supply materials required