Naiko Nitro Infuser for Nitro Cold Brew Coffee


Our Nitro Infuser is a quick and easy solution for infusing nitrogen to coffee with our injection technology for convenience stores, office and home use, cafés and restaurants. It will nitrogenate any beverage on-demand from any source (keg, bag-in-box, containers) for a perfect and long-lasting nitro cascade in your coffee.

It mixes in our injection technology cold brew coffee with your source of nitrogen or our Naiko nitrogen membrane just-in-time before reaching the tap with perfect mixing results.

Hook up your keg of flat cold brew and adjust the infusion injection valve for perfect nitro pouring for just-in-time serving.




Can I install the Naiko Nitro Infuser on my existing installation?

The Nitro Infuser can be installed in existing setups between your keg and tap with attachment to the gas line for nitrogenation of your coffee.

What are the maintenance requirements?

The Nitro Infuser is maintenance free, but neets regular cleaning and sanitizing through your draft system and can stay in place without extra cleaning for the Nitro Infuser itself. When cleaning your draft system, the cleaning and sanitizing liquid will run through the Nitro infuser and out through the Faucet.