We manufacture solutions to serve coffee

The cold Coffee Company

Naiko is a german-based manufacturer of solutions to serve Nitro Cold Brew Coffee or just regular Iced-Coffee. Easy solutions to install and serve to your customers with solid craftmanship from Germay.


Pioneering the industry with machines for Nitro Cold Brew Coffee and instant cold-extraction machines.


To serve different ways of Cold Coffee we offer solutions, like our Nitro Infuser module and custom-made installations.


To get the whole experience right, we developed our Naiko Coffee which is soluble in cold water.

Naiko Nitro Dispenser

Pioneering all-in-one machine for serving Nitro Coffee. Injection of atmospheric nitrogen from filtered and processed ambient air without the need for nitrogen tanks and cartridges. Inline cooling within the machine to serve cold beverages all the time.

We manufacture solutions to serve cold coffee, Nitro Coffee and Nitro Cold Brew Coffee
Manufactured in Germany
Shipping Worldwide

We ship to every country in the world.

Easy preparation within seconds

Naiko cold Brew Coffee Solution

Easy to dissolve solution to offer fresh cold brewed coffee. Daily fresh preparation without any technical equipment and guaranteed fresh taste for consistent quality.

Highest Quality

Expect the highest quality coffee solution by just adding water.

High profit

Easy to prepare and guaranteed high profit for your business.