How to make Cold Brew Coffee

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In this article we´ll be talking about How to make Cold Brew Coffee and how to make the perfect homemade cold brew coffee. Cold brew coffee is a type of iced coffee that has a smoother taste than regular hot brewed coffee. Cold brewing requires more time, but the result is worth it! Cold brewed coffee is smoother and has a less acidic taste than regular iced coffee. It uses twice as many grounds to make the same amount of cold brew compared to hot-brewed coffee (and you’re going to need an extra large pitcher). This means that if you plan on making cold brew for yourself or your family this summer, do not rely on those little jars of pre-ground coffee beans! You should grind only enough beans as you need so they don’t go stale before use. Here are some steps on how to cold brew your own Cold Brew Coffee:

STEP 1: Grind your coffee

First step on How to make Cold Brew Coffee. Grind your coffee. I don’t recommend using pre-ground beans for this recipe since you need coarsely ground beans to make cold brew. If you do not have a grinder at home or in the store where you can buy freshly ground coffee, then purchase whole beans and ask that they be finely grounded (you should tell them how fine). For my cold brew coffee recipe, like to use a 1:2 coffee beans-to-water ratio, or around 1.5 cups of coffee grounds for every 3 cups of water when making my morning cup. This yields an extra strong brew so I’ll dilute it with milk or more water before drinking it myself! If you’re using coarsely ground coffee beans, they should look more like cornmeal than sand. Coarser grounds can lead to an over-infused coffee that’s gritty and muddy – not ideal for a good cup of your homemade cold brew coffee.


STEP 2: Add Water

Once it is ready, add water into the container with the grounds until all of them are wetted evenly across their surface area. The size of jar doesn’t matter for making cold brew coffee, but we prefer large pitchers so there will be plenty enough room to stir around once everything has been added together without spilling over onto anything else nearby. Use filtered water to cold brew your coffee grounds for the best flavor of your cold brew coffee recipe. This is just good advice in general, but it’s especially true if you’re using tap or well-water instead of purified water. Tap and well have minerals that can affect taste—and not positively!

STEP 3: Stir the coffee grounds and water together

When the coffee is done steeping, give it a good stir and let sit for 12 to 24 hours. The longer you allow your cold brew coffee to steep, the stronger your brew will be. Cold brew coffee is best made in large batches so you can store it for up to two weeks refrigerated.

This process is called cold brewing. Instead of extracting the coffee over heat like your usual morning cup, cold brew slowly infuses it cold water to get that delicious caffeine kick you might need before work or school begins!

STEP 4: Let it Sit

Leave the cod brew in the refrigerator for 12-18 hours and allow it to sit there. After max. 24 hours, the Cold Brew Coffee should be ready!Cold brewing allows the cold water to extract all of the good stuff from the beans without pulling out some of its harsh acidity. This means your cold brewed coffee will taste even better without milk and sugar than an Iced Coffee since you won’t have that acidic aftertaste.

We don’t want to over-steep, but we also need the coffee in there for a minimum of 15 hours when just leaving it in the refrigerator. The optimal time is somewhere around 12 – 18 hours, which may seem like it’s cutting things too short at first glance. However, there are many factors involved. Stirring it from time to time will increase effectivness, also raising the temperature or placing it outside the refrigerator.

cold brew tank

STEP 5: Filtering

Strain your cold brew coffee through a fine mesh strainer, coffee filter, fine sieve or cheese cloth to remove any grounds that may have escaped into the liquid during brewing. If using cheesecloth, place it over a large jar or container and pour your coffee mixture through. This is the last step on how to make cold brew coffee, before adding some ice cubes to it.

Cold Brew Filter

STEP 6: Add Ice Cubes

Once the Cold Brew Coffee has been filtered, fill up some glasses with ice cubes then pour Cold Brew Coffee over the ice and served ice cold.


If you want to get creative with your cold brew coffee, try experimenting with the ratio of beans to water. Start off by steeping one cup of beans in four cups of water until it reaches a fairly concentrated state on its own. This strong concentrate is perfect for pouring over ice or mixing into milk – whatever floats your boat! If that doesn’t sound like enough caffeine for you, adjust up or down based on what will satisfy your taste buds best without resulting in an overly watered-down version.

Is cold brew stronger than regular coffee?

Cold brew is richer than regular coffee, but not necessarily “stronger”. The trick to cold brewing is that it uses room temperature water, so it takes much longer to extract the flavor (12-18 hours) than conventional hot coffee (1-2 minutes). The resulting cup of cold brew tends to be much more concentrated because of this extra time. The main difference is that cold brew has a much higher content of caffeine during the long extraction period and therefore is stronger in the caffeine content.

What is the ratio of coffee to water for cold brew?

For your first batch of cold brew, use 100 g of ground coffee with 1000 ml of cold water for your first batch of cold brew. You can always vary with quantities as there are many factors involved for your cold brew quality. You can vary the quantity depending on how strong or aromatic you want it to be – try out 200 g/1000ml for a strong cold brew concentrate and 45g/1000ml for an even more fragrant, aromatic drink. Write down all these different cold brew coffee recipes in order to make the perfect cup every time!

What are the differences between cold brew coffee and iced-coffee?

Cold brew coffee is a different process from iced coffee. Iced coffee is a type of iced beverage that has an enhanced, refreshing taste and is hot-brewed like your daily cup of hot coffee that’s been allowed to cool and poured over ice. Cold brew coffee uses twice as many coffee grounds to make the same amount compared with regular brewed hot-brewed coffee which makes it more difficult and time consuming but worth the final product! Cold Brew smooth in comparison to hot-brewing because there isn’t any heat involved which means less acidic taste than traditional iced coffees.

What is the difference between cold brew coffee and regular coffee?

Cold brew coffee is made with whole ground coffee steeped in cold water for 12 to 18 hours or even longer. This process extracts more of the oils, leading to a smoother taste. Regular coffee is boiled in water and pure filtered until it’s strong enough for most people’s tastes, whereas cold brew has a different aroma profile with an earthier quality. Cold-brewed coffee allows the bitterness of espresso beans to really come out without acrid undertones that can stand out when water at boiling point hits them like lightening. A slow drip also allows time dark roast beans’ natural flavors (and particularly its signature alcohol) to mellow nicely into something akin to dark chocolate or cocoa. Traditional brewing (percolation) methods use heat to extract the ground coffee; cold brew has no heat added and relies on time rather than temperature for extraction. The end result is less acidity and more body – notes like chocolate will be more pronounced.

Do you want to make large quantities of cold brew coffee?

It only requires bigger tanks, like mixing tanks, for making cold brew coffee. These stainless steel containers are perfect for those who make lots of cold brew and need something bigger than their current setup or plastic containers. The best part about these stainless steel tanks using for cold brew is that they have an integrated stirrer inside, so you don’t need to use a kitchen spoon anymore!

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Cold Brew Coffee Equipment Cold Brew Equipment

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What is Nitro Cold Brew Coffee?

Nitro cold brew is a type of cold coffee brewed with nitrogen. It’s creamy, sweet and smoother than other coffees because it contains less acidity and has less bitterness. Nitro remains the most popular iced coffee today due to its delicious taste!

How to make Nitro Cold Brew Coffee?

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