Cold Brew Coffee From Naiko

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We process freshly roasted coffee beans in an innovative cold filtration process to produce a fresh, all-natural, cold-dripped coffee concentrate on a large scale.

The coffee beans are carefully selected from varieties of 100% Ethiopian Arabica beans with Rainforest Allicance certification from our farmers. We use a gentle, traditional drum roasting process and give the beans an adapted roasting time for the use as a Cold Brew Coffee. Immediately after the light roasting, the coffee beans are dissolved in pure cold water and are able to release their fresh aroma into the liquid. The process after direct roasting is unique in the production of cold brew coffee.  The aromas and typical taste of the beans are best expressed in this way.

In order to avoid unnecessarily shipping, we concentrate our Cold Brew Coffee in a cold extraction process.

Available in 60 g sachets for 5 liter of Cold Brew Coffee.

With our innovative cold filtration process there is absolutely no further treatment involved like pasteurization, heat treatment or HPP (high pressure processing).

Certification: Rainforest Alliance, IFS, Halal, Kosher

Shelf-life: Up to 24 months shelf-life with full body and freshness due to high-production standards and protective atmosphere. The packaging is absolutely light-proof and oxygen-tight.

Laboratory analysis

Dry Matter %: 20 (18 – 22)  (following § 64 LFGB, L 46.04 1-3)

pH-value: 4,7 – 6,5 (following DIN 10776/2 (1.4 g DM in 100 ml demin. Wasser))

Acidity: 1,5 – 10 (following DIN 10776/2 (1.4 g DM in 100 ml demin. Wasser))

Caffeine (% dry matter): 5,0 – 6,2  (following DIN ISO 20481)

Total Plate Count: <50/g (following DIN EN-ISO 4833)

Yeast: <50/g (following ISO 21527-1)

Moulds: <50/g (following ISO 21527-1)


Shelf Life (fresh and full-bodied)

At 6°C (43°F): 12 months

At 20°C (68°F): 9 months




IFS Food, V. 6.1 (Higher Level)

Halal, HS 09-001

Rainforest Alliance


Data Sheet Naiko Cold Brew Coffee