Naiko Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Dispenser at the Trade Show Vendtra in Munich

Coffee Dispenser Vendtra Muenchen

Naiko Nitro Dispenser was at the trade show Vendtra in Munich last month.

We were showing our product to potential customers and getting their feedback on what they liked about it.

At the trade show, visitors had a chance to taste Nitro Cold Brew Coffee from our Naiko Nitro Dispensers. Our mixologists also created Matcha Latte with an added twist of matcha powder for those who wanted something more green tea-like in flavor! For another refreshing option that’s perfect as an afternoon pick me up or before going out on your nightime adventures we displayed our newest product – Nitro Espresso Martini made right at on the show which gives it its signature velvet mouth feel without all of those pesky calories typically found within traditional coffee drinks.

We’re the first and only company in our industry to offer cold brew coffee without any hassle. Our proprietary packaging process has created a high-quality product with no preservatives, which means it’s fresher than ever! We believe that freshness is key when drinking an essential beverage like coffee so we developed our innovative freeze-dried technology for coffee and our newest Nitro Dispenser for the best synergy in technology for Nitro Cold Brew Coffee and other Nitro Beverages.

Freeze Dried Coffee Dispenser

About the Vendtra Trade Fair in Munich Germany

The VENDTRA trade fair in Munich – the industry’s most important event!- has been running for decades now. This year, it will be bigger than ever with a whole range of services and innovations on offer to attendees from all over Europe who are interested not only coffee vending machines but also hot beverages such as tea or cocoa too. You’ll find everything that you need at this one place so take your time wandering around looking at what’s new; there is always something worth seeing every single day! It is the perfect place to find all of your vending machine and coffee needs. You’ll learn about new dispensers that work with today’s trends as well as tomorrow’s business practices–and even find out what opportunities are coming next!

From learning about hot beverages, cold drinks or snacks and everything else that this industry has to offer; from new innovations like non-alcoholic beverages with pandemic protection properties (they will keep you safe!)to trends such as P/O solutions which let customers choose their own packaging at any time—the Coffee Fair gives visitors a chance see what’s on offer today so they can plan ahead tomorrow!

Are you looking to serve nitrogen infused coffee or looking for your next favourite new coffee dispenser?

Naiko Nitro Coffee Dispenser is the best nitrogen infused coffee machine on the market. It is perfect for any restaurant, cafe or office that wants to add nitrogen to their drinks. We are the only company that offers nitrogen infused coffee without any need for nitrogen gas tanks. Our machines infuse your favourite drink with nitrogen generated from ambient air, giving it the best texture, mouthfeel and velvety taste. We have been in business since 2012 and we are a trusted company with an excellent reputation in the industry. Our machines are easy to use and they will give your customers something special every time they visit your establishment!

With this machine, you won’t have to worry about ever running out of nitrogen gas or having to refill tanks. It uses ambient air from outside, so all you need is electricity! Plus, it has a sleek design that looks great in any setting. This is truly one-of-a-kind technology that will revolutionize how people drink their coffee.