Naiko Nitro Espresso Martini Machine

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The problem with Espresso Martini in bars & restaurants in 2022

The recipe is a classic that’s as simple to prepare, with just the right balance between flavors. Add espresso and vodka along with coffee liqueur or Irish cream for an extra dash of class! Shake it up in your shaker cup then strain into martini glass(es). Top off each drink by adding three coffee beans. Sounds easy.

So what´s the problem? The espresso and the right balance of the Espresso Martini ingredients. And Bartenders are prized for two things – their speed of service and quality of their cocktails.

It takes you some time to pull out a shot of espresso from your espresso machine, measure the ingredients and shake it up for the desired creaminess and silky texture. And top up in the Martini glass with three espresso beans. A bartender could have served another whole party in that time. The Espresso Martini is slow. And when a bar is packed, every second of delay feels like an eternity.

When one customer sees an Espresso Martini being served, suddenly everyone wants it. The bar staff might end up making ones all the rest of their night and getting more behind with frustrated meanwhile as well!

Some small bars choose not to offer them, because of the lack of a espresso machine or service slowdown. But this choice comes at a cost with the trending Espresso Martini cocktail of the year in 2022. Bars are missing out huge revenue from this where the Espresso Martini can go for high prices.

What solution we can offer bars for Espresso Martinis?

The Naiko team comes up with a extremely popular solution amongst top bartenders in the world. The Naiko Espresso Martini machine, which infuses atmospheric nitrogen from ambient air with 4 bar pressure, cooling down the Espresso Martini in the integrated cooling system and a choice of different Espresso Martinis in 10 liter Bag-in-Box system exclusively for the Naiko Espresso Martini machine.

With our pre-batched Espresso Martinis in 10 liter Bag-in-Box, bartenders can serve consistend, premium Espresso Martini you can´t find anywhere else in just a few seconds, without even shaking it. The nitro infusion with high-pressure generates a creamy texture and silky taste, which will boost your sales of Espresso Martini.

Who is Naiko and where we can help with your Espresso Martini?

Naiko is the Hawaiian name for Nitrogen. It´s a gas that we all breathe with a content of 78% in the air. So we decided to go with Naiko as our company name, because our idea is all about Nitrogen.

Nitro cold brew coffee was first offered at third wave coffee shops in the early 2010s. By this time, Nitrogen gas had been added through gas cylinders and put into pressurized kegs with cold brew coffee to allow for dissolving of nitrogen within them – so they could then be served with a delicious foam on top and a creamy texture to enjoy!

In 2015, our Founder was travelling to California and saw the complicated machinery of coffee shops. This inspired him greatly, so one day he decided that maybe if there were some way for us could make better quality drinks without having such an expensive setup and inconsistent quality, then people would want them too!

The system they came up trumps on involves 3 major improvements: 1) Integrated cooling system without the need of separate fridges 2). Nitrogen directly from ambient air to avoid gas cylinders 3.) Self-priming pump to avoid handling with kegs.

In 2018 we tried different beverages through our Naiko machines and came up that Espresso Martinis and the Naiko Nitro Machine is a perfect match.

In 2022, the Naiko system is used all over the world now. You only need electricity to start serving through the Naiko® Nitro Dispenser. The nitrogen comes from the ambient air with an infusion pressure of 4 bar pressure, the integrated cooling systems cools down the beverage to  and the build-in in pump starts automatically when you push the tap handle and has a serving speed of 100 ml / 4 seconds.

Why you should work with us? We are a manufacturing company with our own technology and manufacturing in Germany for our Nitro Dispenser and beverage company producing Cold Brew Coffee. This gives us the advantage in the market with a full in-house development for our Espresso Martini machines as well as our own recipes that fits perfectly with our machines.





Technical Highlights

Injection of atmospheric nitrogen from ambient air to save money on transportation and storage of heavy nitrogen gas tanks.

No external nitrogen supply needed and therefore no need to store nitrogen gas cylinders.

Enjoy creamy, velvety smooth drinks without the hassle of transportating gas cylinders or run out of nitrogen gas.

Integrated environmentally friendly coolant (R290) to chill the beverage down to 2°C / 35 °F

Innovative jet-nozzle infusion technology for creamy, velvety and smooth nitrogenated coffees or beverages.

Pulls from any container, tank or keg.

Available models

Voltage // frequencies // phases:

100 V // 50 Hz // 1~

100 V // 60 Hz // 1~

110 – 127 V // 60 Hz // 1~

220 – 240 V // 50 Hz // 1~

220 – 240 V // 60 Hz // 1~


black / white

Technical Data

  • Width 24 cm x Height 34 cm x Depth 50 cm
  • Weight: 21 kg
  • Nitrogen source: Atmospheric nitrogen (no external supply required, no gas tanks)
  • Injection pressure: 4.0 bar / 58 psi for long lasting nitro cascade
  • Cooling technology: Dry cooler R290
  • Cooling power: 300 Watt
  • Dispensing capacity: up to 20 liters per hour
  • Target temperature: 2°C (35 °F)
  • Pulls from any container (with self-priming pump)

Installation Requirements

  • Electric socket
  • Space required for setting up the machine: Width 24 cm x Length 50 cm
  • Tabletop requirements: Minimum load capacity of 25 kgs with the surface being smooth
  • Beverage line: 5/16 inch (included)

Scope of delivery

1 x Naiko Nitro Dispenser (Plug&Play)

1 x drip tray (15 cm x 19 cm) with stainless steel plate

1 x 5-liter container

1 x 5/16″ beverage tube (length: 2 m)

2 x cleaning packets (á 45 g)

1 x instruction manual

1 x power cord (length: 2 m, plug according to country of delivery)

Advantages Naiko Dispenser

Simple and reliable construction
· No auxiliary media (nitrogen) required / just electricity
· Simple modulare set-up
· Compact system with low space requirements
· Easy to set-up and start
· Durable design guarantees long working life even in extreme conditions

Economic solution
· No installation costs
· Short installation time (Plug&Play)
· Low operational costs
· Low maintenance requirements (just regular cleaining)

Flexible Application
· Modular design allows easy expansion
· Flexible integration
· Easy to adjust nitrogen injection
· Easy to adjust temperature

Improving safety
· No risks associated with handling gas cylinders

Environmental friendly benefits
· Use of ambient air through compression and filtration unit
· No need for external nitrogen supply and transport of gas cylinders
· Use of environmental friendly refrigerant R290 (Propane)
· No additional supply materials required