Nitro Cold Brew Coffee, commonly shortened to Nitro Coffee, is the name of Cold Brew Coffee infused with nitrogen gas. It is not a new idea to infuse nitrogen gas into a beverage – the principle is well-known from the famous Guinness beer. The nitrogen gas comes from a nitrogen gas cylinder and gets through pipes into a tank with Cold Brew Coffee. The results of adding nitrogen is a unique foam building and creamy and velvety texture in the beverage. Nitrogen creates millions of nanobubbles breaking up coffee aromas and changing the texture in a very positive way. Nitrogen reveals flavor notes, which are usually absent from cold brews.

What you need for serving Nitro Cold Brew Coffee:

Cold Brew Coffee and Nitrogen gas, some pipes and hoses, pressure reducer and valves, tanks and a fridge to cool it down.

Our solution for serving Nitro Cold Brew Coffee:

NAIKO Nitrogen dispenser comes with an integrated cooler and injects millions of nitrogen nanobubbles directly in-time into the Cold Brew Coffee. The nitrogen comes infinite from the ambient air and gets processed in the NAIKO dispenser. With our JET-nozzle technology, we are able to inject directly into the Cold Brew and get the best results for Nitro Cold Brew Coffee.

Making Cold Brew Coffee:

The name suggests it: Cold Brew is not brewed with hot water, as we know if from filter coffee, but extracted over several hours in cold water. It contains about 70% less acids and bitter substances than coffee, which was brewed with hot water and tastes really fruity and refreshing. Because of the long extraction period, Cold Brew contains much more caffeine than quick extracted coffee with hot water.

Recipe for Cold Brew Coffee:

Grind around 100 g of coffee (rough grind) and mix it with 1 liter of water and stir it. The more you stir, the faster the process is. Cover it for 12 – 24 hours and strain the mixture after it through a fine filter mash.

Our solution for Cold Brew Coffee:

We process the beans in an innovative cold filtration process to produce a fresh, all-natural, cold-dripped coffee concentrate on a large scale. We use freshly roasted coffee beans from Ethiopia and brew slowly using just cold water. The gentle, traditional drum roasting process is balanced out with our Cold Brew Process to get fruity, flavourful Cold Brew Coffee which fits perfectly with our Naiko Dispenser.

For 20 Liter of Cold Brew Coffee, you are using just 1 liter of our Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate and 19 liters of cold water. That is convenient because it saves storage in small cafés and transportation costs shipping it abroad. Not to mention that it is also green to re-use the mixing containers, instead of always getting new ones and transport just 1 liter instead of 20 liters.

If you are interested in serving Nitro Cold Brew Coffee with the highest quality and the most convenient way, get in contact with us. We are more than happy to hear from you and offer you the best solution for your business.